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Pro Staff

We at Pro Staff accept limited enrollment to ensure all students drive hours are completed by course end dates. your paragraph here.

Parents Night important information

  • Prior to the start of each course the students parent or legal guardian will receive a phone call to let them know the date, time and location of the parents night (always held before the start of a course).
  • It is mandatory for at least one parent or legal guardian attend the parents night.
  • Though we strongly recommend the student attend the parents night it is not mandatory.
  • There will be several forms to be signed and or initialed by the parent or legal guardian.  You will receive a copy of these forms.
  • Bring a copy of the students birth certificate foe name and date of birth verification. (we will return this copy after verification)
  • All tuition shall be due on or before the scheduled parents night (unless special arrangements are made prior with owner-Karen McMahon)
  • To academically pass this course a must attain an overall average of 80% or greater.  A student must achieve an 80% or greater on their final exam.
  • Each student shall have 10-hours of behind the wheel instruction.
  • Each student shall have a minimum of 6-hours of observation time.
  • There 30-hours of classroom time (15 2-hour classes).
  • No student shall miss more than 4-hours of classroom time in any course.  Any time missed must be for good cause as determined by Pro Staff Driving School.  If a student misses more than 4-hours ALL missed time (including the first 4-hours missed) shall be made up in another course for the class time that was missed.
  • All students shall be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for class and drive times.
  • Each student will be given a copy of the drive schedule each week.
  • We require a minimum of 24-hours notice of any drive time cancellations.
  • If a student fails to show up for a scheduled drive time, they shall owe a $75.00 no show fee (payable prior to their next scheduled drive time).
  • If school is cancelled at Sanborn Regional High School or if after school activities are cancelled then driver'education class is automatically cancelled.  Drive times are still on until students are contacted by a Pro Staff instructor.
  • Each student pursuant to State regulation shall complete a minimum of 40-hour parent drive hours prior to them going to the DMV for their license.  From the day they turned 15 1/2 years old and started driving is good log time for parent drive time (all state forms must be filled out in blue or black ink only).